Fully Assembled FM Radio and TV Transmitters

Fully Assembled FM Broadcast Transmitters


These are very rugged and easy to use transmitters without fancy bells and whistles. They are designed to work on a continual basis under less then ideal conditions. All transmitters come complete with power supply and output harmonic filter. Rack mount enclosures available for an additional $75 on the10-15, 40 and 150 watt transmitters. An optional power meter is available for monitoring output power.

Also don't forget your antenna and coaxial cable.

10-15 Watt Transmitter $400

40 Watt Transmitter $600

Become your own FM radio station with this fully assembled Free Radio Berkeley Mono 40 watt FM Broadcast Transmitter.  Designed to work on a continual basis under less then ideal conditions and housed in an 8 X 10 inch aluminum enclosure with a heat sink for the amplifier section.  This transmitter will provide a coverage radius of up to 8-10 miles (13-17km) depending on type of antenna, antenna height and surrounding terrain.  This includes the PLL Exciter, Amplifier, Voltage Regulator, Harmonic Filter, and an external AC to 13.8 volt DC power supply.  Rack mount version available for an additional $75.  An optional power meter is available for monitoring output power for $95.   A 5/8 Comet ground plane antenna tuned to the frequency of your choice is available for $125 along with LMR400 type coaxial cable in lengths of 50 or 75 feet at only $1 per foot.  With an antenna and an audio source of your choosing, you'll be ready to broadcast in no time!  Please contact us for international shipping prices or detailed specs

70 Watt Transmitter $700

150 Watt Transmitter $800

350 Watt Transmitter $1500

600 Watt Transmitter $2700

Plug and Play! FM Broadcast Transmitter Packages

All packages include:
Transmitter - Power supply - Comet 5/8 ground plane antenna - 50 feet of low loss coaxial cable

Coverage radius:
10 Watt - up to 4-5 miles
40 Watt - up to 8-10 miles
150 Watt - up to 15 miles

The Comet antenna has an effective power gain of 2, 10 watts in yields an effective radiated power (ERP) of 20 watts for example. This means whatever wattage reaching the antenna is effectively doubled. To double the distance of coverage the power has to be increased by a factor of 4. Radius of coverage assumes average flat terrain with an antenna height of at least 40 to 50 feet.

These are plug and play packages. Add an audio mixer, compressor limiter, microphones, etc. for a complete radio station. In many cases, with the proper hardware and software a computer system can provide most of these functions. Cue up a mix of mp3/podcast content, live streams, etc., feed the audio output from the computer to the transmitter and bring fresh voices, news/information and music to your neighborhood and community. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

If you specify your operating frequency at the time ordering or prior to shipment, we will set the transmitter to that frequency and place a tuning mark on the antenna for you. To check frequency availability, take a look at this website. Or go to the FCC database - FM frequency search.

Fully Assembled UHF/VHF TV Transmitters

Create your own TV station with this fully assembled low power 30-40 Watt TV Transmitter. Using Free Radio Berkeley Designed TV amplifiers combined with a frequency agile cable TV modulator, these transmitters are a cost effective solution for low power TV broadcasting for only $650. They are provided in one of three configurations, low VHF, high VHF and UHF to channel 42. Free Radio Berkeley Transmitters are available in eitherNTSC standard video format (the standard for the Americas and the Caribbean) or PAL B/G. Please check your local standards and channel availability before ordering, and feel free to contact us for further information. Transmitter includes external AC to DC Power Supply.

Also don't forget your antenna and coaxial cable.

Fully Assembled TV Amplifers

Same 30-40 watt amplifier as used in the above complete transmitters but without the modulator. Power supply is included. $450.00

Fully Assembled FM Broadcast Amplifers

These are fully assembled FM broadcast amplifiers which incorporate pallet amplifiers (see the pallet page) for power levels of 175 to 650 watts. Amplifiers include enclosure and power supply. Connectors can be either UHF or N type. N is best for 175 watts and above. Drive power requirements for the 175 to 650 watt amplifiers is in the range of 4-6 watts. Higher power units, 1200 and 1500 watts can be specified for a custom build quote.