Micropower Movement Links: Net Activism and Resources

Free Pacifica
Free Speech TV
Industrial Workers of the World
Media Filter
Peoples Video
2600 Magazine
Micropower Action Coalition National Platform for Action
FCC Raids Mbanna Kantako
What to do when the FCC comes knocking. Get Our Defense Guide in pdf format
Don't Let Them NAB Our Airwaves
Seizing the Airwaves, A Free Radio Handbook edited by Stephen Dunifer & Ron Sakolsky
FCC Creates Low Power FM Service
SF Bay IMC - an Independent Media Center for the SF Bay Area
National Association of Broadcasters Interference CD Heads Toward Platinum
The Lowdown on the NAB's Eddie Fritts
Media Oligarchs: Guide to Corporate Media Ownership
One of the First Licensed LPFM Stations Takes to the Air in Oroville, CA: KRBS 107.1
Design A J Pole Antenna.
A Passion For Radio now available as on-line book
Seizing the Airwaves now available as online book
The LPFM Fiasco by Ron Sakolsky
New Micropower Broadcasting Video "Free Radio"