Free Radio Berkeley IRATE International Radio Projects

Since 1994 Free Radio Berkeley has been working with grassroots organizations in both Chiapas and Haiti. Transmitters were clandestinely sent to Haiti during the last coup to aid the peasant resistance. With the ending of the coup in 1994, FRB founder Stephen Dunifer went to Haiti twice to begin laying the groundwork for aiding the expansion and growth of community, grassroots radio stations.

As part of this program, a four person team went to Haiti on May 11, 1998 to conduct workshops and training sessions and help install and repair radio stations. Over 40 people from various organizations across the country attended the training program in Port Au Prince. Travelling from one end of Haiti to the other, the team assisted in putting 5 radio stations on the air during the course of their 3 week stay. Despitemany challenges and problems the effort was a success.

A number of radio stations have taken to the air in Mexico City as a result of training and equipment supplied by FRB. Transmitters, equipment and training have also been provided to the autonomous communities of Chiapas since the Zapatista uprising.

More teams will be going out to both Chiapas and Haiti. Trainings are also given at our facility in Berkeley for those whose travel to the US can be underwriitten. You can help further this work by making a tax deductable donation with a check made out to Global Exchange with the check memo line saying FRB IRATE. Expenses to send out a 4 person team out for three weeks run between $8,000 and $10,000. And, $1,500 is the cost of a complete 40 watt FM radio station package (sans CD players, tape decks). If you have audio equipment to donate (tax deductable letter of receipt will be provided), that would be highly appreciated as well. You may send these donations to: Free Radio Berkeley, 1442A Walnut St. #406, Berkeley, CA 94709.
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FRB IRATE team members conducting transmitter
construction workshop in
Port Au Prince
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Antenna being installed for a radio station (right photo) in LeCayes
Radio Station in Las Limbe 2, 55787 byte(s).
Radio station installed at Bas Limbe (northern Haiti)
Autonomous Radio In Chiapas
Broadcasting from the mountain forests
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