From: Stephen Dunifer

Later in this document you will find some what of an expanded mission/vision statement for Free Radio Berkeley. Hopefully this will provide a little clearer understanding of what I see as the vision and purpose of Free Radio Berkeley, and perhaps you will agree or maybe not. In either case, our future possibilities depend on some common purpose and vision.

Our meeting process is undergoing reevaluation and restructuring. As a first step beginning in February meetings will be held once a month on a weeknight. More substantial systemic changes are needed, of course. And, I would like to put the following questions to you.

What can be done to encourage further participation in this organization?

How can we remedy the dysfunctional nature of the meeting process?

What structural and systemic changes are necessary?

At this time specific committees are being set up to carry out the organizational tasks required to ensure the continuation of Free Radio Berkeley. These include: Financial/Fund Raising, Outreach-Publicity. I encourage you to take part in these efforts and to ask the Free Radio Berkeley audience to be involved as well Contact number for the Outreach Committee is 510-625-0314, contact person in Bruce. Financial/Fund Raising contact number is (510) 540-8850, contact person is Sue.

Funding continues to be a major problem. Most of funding for the station is coming from the Free Radio Berkeley transmitter Mt sales operation which is kept going by myself, Matt Dott, Captain Fred, The Rad Man, and a few other volunteers. In essence we have a small electronics research, design, manufacturing and sales operation providing most of the financial support for the station in addition to all the technical support. This has become very frustrating for me personally since just a few of us are putting in long hours to support two operations.

There are several things you can do to help. One, take part in fundraising projects and the work of the committee involved. Two, ask Free Radio Berkeley listeners to help support the station. I have tried one approach which seems to have worked. When you are doing your show ask the audience if anyone of them can donate $1O-$20 a month to keep the station on the air. Have them call (510)464-3041 and give out the address for the mail box - FRB 1442 A Walnut St., Berkeley, CA 94709. Off the air, ask people you k now personally who listen to Free Radio Berkeley if they can donate as well. Finally, we need help at the shop putting kits together and processing orders and information requests. If you can help with that please call me (510) 549-0732 or 644-3779.

A number of outreach'publicity projects are either underway or are being planned. People are needed to staff information tables on the weekends on Telegraph Ave and other locations, and special events in the community. Also, we always have flyers and schedules which need to be distributed and posted. Our most recent effort at setting up a small station on 87.9, our special event frequency, to broadcast live the David Nadel memorial program at Ashkenaz was very well received and generated a lot of interest in Free Radio Berkeley. The 6 watt 87.9 signal was picked up at the studio with an outside antenna and FM tuner which fed it to the board so we could simulcast the program. In the future more efforts like this will take place. Training will be provided if you want to learn how to set up these special event broadcasts. A major outreach effort is planned to seek further involvement with community organizations. Your help and ideas are needed for a successful outreach/publicity program.

Fundraising is especially important particularly since l intend to finandally separate station operations from the factory operations. At that time the station staff and community support will have to be responsible for rent and ex p enses. In addition, we will need to find a new home starting aro und the first of March. If you can help organize benefits and other fund raising projects to meet these obligations, the financial/fund raising committee needs your ideas and energy.

In essence what I and others are attempting to do is create a better organizational structure and processs with clearly defined goals and operating principles. Your input on this is most definitely needed. I know that most folks do not attend meetings, and with good reason. How can we do this better? How can we encourage further involvement in the structural and organizational aspects of Free Radio Berkeley?

Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas, comments, etc. Sincerely,

Stephen Dunifer

Founded as a free speech statement challenging the regulatory power and structure of the Federal Communications Commission and breaking the stranglehold of corporate broadcast media on the free flow of news, information, cultural and artistic expression, Free Radio Berkeley exists as an ongoing exercise and example of community empowerment through the use of low cost micropower broadcasting transmitters. Further, Free Radio Berkeley was created to be a catalyst in the development of a Free Radio movement which has now spread throughout the United States and other countries as well.

By its pivotal position in the Free Radio Movement, Free Radio Berkeley has an obligation and responsibility of being much more than just a community radio station. By defeating, so far, every attempt of the FCC to silence Free Radio Berkeley, the cause of free radio micropower broadcasting has become internationally recognized. As such, Free Radio Berkeley has an obligation to take responsibility for the continued growth and development of free radio micropower radio stations an&to be an example to all of micropower broadcasting at its best.

Given all this, it is incumbent upon every member of Free Radio Berkeley to recognize how important this project is and to realize they have responsibilities which extend beyond just doing a 1 to 3 hour show. Outreach and seeking further engagement with the comniunity, aiding in the raising of funds and resources, developing educational resources and niaterials, establishing a network of micropower stations, providing the radio broadcasting kits and equipment needed to establish micropower stations, and publicizing the free radio movement and ongoing legal battle with the FCC these are some of those responsibilities.

In addition, given the cultural, political, artistic, gender, sexual and racial diversity inherent within the communities covered by Free Radio Berkeley Signal, it is important that the programming on Free Radio reflect and respect that diversity as much as possible. It expected that each and every programmer will honor that diversity and the mission statement of Free Radio Berkeley which states:

Free Radio Berkeley exists to provide a voice for the diverse community in the greater Berkeley/Oakland area. Further, it is a vehicle and a means by which to bring about radical social change. Consistent with a vision ofcreating an alternative diverse, vibrant society and community which respects the right to be free ofsexism, racism, homophobia and all other forms ofoppression, Free Radio Berkeley programming will be reflective of those goals and ideals.

Equal respect must be given to every member by every other member of Free Radio Berkeley. Any form of disrespect is just not acceptable. Content of all programs is sacrosanct unless it violates the vision and mission statement of Free Radio Berkeley. Just as we seek further engagement with the community we serve, we must do the same within the membership of Free Radio Berkeley.