Micropower Action Coalition National Platform
For Action

Adopted on Saturday, May 27, 2000 in Berkeley, California at the Micropower National Strategy Meeting attended by approximately 50 people.

As a national platform of action the Micropower Action Coalition calls on micropower broadcasters, media activists, community/labor/political organizations of all types, and concerned individuals to:

1.) Engage in an expanded program of outreach and education to raise the awareness of and support for micropower broadcasting as a vital element of free speech and grass roots democracy and activism.

2.) Set up as many micropower broadcasting stations as possible in their respective communities.  Either as fixed ongoing operations with a set schedule and hours of operation or as portable, event oriented broadcast operations to be set up at local community events such as street fairs, concerts, flea markets, rallies, strike lines.  Event based operations bring the radio station directly into the community and have the lowest risk potential.

3.) Organize regional training programs and workshops including such activities as a micropower educational caravan going from town to town.

4.) Actively contest license renewals or transfers of ownership of existing NAB member broadcast stations and construction permits for new stations in their local communities.

5.) Target local advertisers on NAB member stations.

6.) Promote and participate in a national Countering the Media Circus Convention during the time the NAB is having its annual radio conference in San Francisco from September 20 to September 23, 2000. And, to take part in a mass effort to confront the NAB at their convention and shut down as many of its activities as possible.

Email list: micropoweraction-subscribe@egroups.com