This anthology emphasizes the myriad voices of the free radio movement, from Human Rights Radio in Springfield, Illinois to Free Radio Berkeley in Berkeley, Calfornia, and internationally, from Canada, Holland, Haiti and Mexico. Contributions include articles on the political economy of radio in North America and the rise of the free radio movement, and interviews with (and commentary by) some of the key grass roots participants in micropower broadcasting. The final section of the book consists of a technical guide for going on the air complete with diagrams and "sound" advice.

Edited by Ron Sakolsky and Stephen Dunifer

Stephen Dunifer, who has been called the "Johnny Appleseed" of the micropower broadcasting movement, is the founder of Free Radio Berkeley and current target of an ongoing Federal Court suit brought by the FCC in an attempt, so far unsuccessful, to silence a voice which has grown into a full-fledged, unlicensed community radio station running 24 hours a day with 100 volunteer programmers. A ceaseless activist and electronic engineer, he is continually working to bring low-cost FM broadcast technology to as many communities as possible on an international level.

Ron Sakolsky, instrumental in the founding of Black Liberation Radio (now, Human Rights Radio), has documented and chronicled the growth of the micropower broadcasting movement from its birth in the late 1980's. He continues to be an integral part of this effort to challenge the Federal Communication Commission's regulatory structure which precludes all but the wealthy from having access to the airwaves.$15

Table of Contents

Preface: Stephen Dunifer. "Free Speech: A Fable."

Introduction: Ron Sakolsky. "Rhizomatic Radio And The Great Stampede."

Part I: Moving From Corporate Enclosure To Free Radio

Robert McChesney. "The Political Economy Of Radio."

Lee Ballinger. "Broadcast Confidential."

Jon Bekken. "Community Radio At The Crossroads: Federal Policy And The Professionalization Of A Grassroots Medium."

Charles Fairchild. "The Canadian Alternative: A Brief History Of Unlicensed And Low Power Radio."

Louis Hiken. "The American People Are Without A Voice": An Interview by Ron Sakolsky.

Ron Sakolsky. "Frequencies Of Resistance: The Rise Of The Free Radio Movement."

Part II: On The Air: Voices From The Free Radio Movement

Radio Activists Speak Out! "A Panel Discussion At The 1996 International Micropower Broadcasters
Conference," (featuring Bill Mandel, Napoleon Williams, Black Rose, Stephen Dunifer, Antonio Coello, Any Voice and Liszet Squatter).

Mbanna Kantako. (Human Rights Radio)" We're Part Of The Restoration Process Of Our People": An Interview by Jerry Landay.

Konnadi, Mbanna Jr. and Ebony Kantako. "`Ghetto Radio' Rap Song."

Napoleon Williams. (Black Liberation Radio) "A New Drum For Our People": An Interview by Stephen Dunifer and Carol Denney (Free Radio Berkeley).

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin. "Attack On Black Liberation Radio."

Kiilu Nyasha. (San Francisco Liberation Radio) "We Have To Make Sure The Voiceless Have A Voice": An Interview by Sheila Nopper.

Ricardo Omar Elizalde. "Radio Latino."

DJ Tashtego. "Community Struggle And The Sweet Mystery Of Radio."

Meme Sabon. "Radiactive."

Geov Parrish. (Seattle Liberation Radio) "There Is No Ideal Listener": An Interview by Captain Fred (Radio Califa).

Charlie Goodman. (Excellent Radio) "Refabricating Community": An Interview by Stephen Dunifer.

Carol Denney. (Free Radio Berkeley) "People Have No Idea How Powerful They Could Be": An Interview by Sheila Nopper.

Internal Exile. (Free Radio Berkeley) "Soapboxing The Airwaves": An Interview by Salvatore Salerno.

Stephen Dunifer. (Free Radio Berkeley) "If You Can't Communicate, You Can't Organize, And If You Can't Organize, You Can't Fight Back": An Interview by Ron Sakolsky.

Paul Griffin. "Association Of Micropower Broadcasters Contact Page."

Part III: Pumping Up The Volume: A DIY Guide To Going On The Air

by Stephen Dunifer.