That is correct Congressman Tauzin, $250,000 for your favorite charity to kill the FCC's low power FM ruling.  The blow job will be an additional $10,000.(Congressman Tauzin on the left, NAB's Eddie Fritts on the right) 

Eddie Fritts Unable to Escape History As Grade School Bully

Exclusive Interview With Classmates - Coming Soon

"Eddie was not just satisfied with taking some of your lunch money, he wanted it all.  I get the feeling he missed those days in kindergarten when the teacher explained and taught sharing.  Perhaps this explains why he is not content with mega-media corporations possessing only 98 percent of the broadcast spectrum and having to give up 2 percent to community broadcasters.  He won't be content until it is 100 percent" - former classmate who wishes to remain anonymous.

Love Slave to Tell All

Eddie's Mistress Grants Interview - Coming Soon

"Even though Eddie had me six ways to Sunday, I know in his heart of hearts the only thing he was really interested in screwing was the American public."

Eddie the Enforcer

SF Liberation Radio Digs the Dirt

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NRTC CEO Blasts Fritts for Stomping on the Telecommunications Needs of Rural America

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Eddie Fritts Wanted Poster (pdf)